Our web ecommerce solution is based on so called 'configurators'.

This unique software, dedicated for window shades products was originally developed to suit modern customer needs.

Today customers expect web services to order products on demand with friendly and easy way.

Our web ecommerce (WEBTOOL) allows customer to pass dimensions and choose variety of functions like steering, types, profiles or full range of colors directly on website with just few clicks, and order it in most convenient and fastest way ever.

With our software customer takes full control over his order - price is calculated 'on the fly' to compare options and costs of each of the infinite list of possible configurations.

This WEBTOOL can work for You. With Your own shop, Your brand giving You opportunity to offer variety of blinds, rollers, plissees or verticals.

Software is fulfilled with detailed measuring and assembly instructions, so not only choosing but installing product is easy.

Payment processing like Paypal, 'inteligent basket' with individual discounts calculations or order trackiong is also availabe.

Ordering is simple like never before. And it already works!